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Look through this very thread and you will see countless people asking for a PROVEN failed design (the complete sandbox that was SWG/UO).
Stopped reading your post the moment I saw this drivel.

Really SWG design is a "PROVEN" failure?

See I have the advantage of actually having played the game before the CU and NGE hit. So I know the real reason a lot of players kept on leaving was because of the WoWifying of the game and the bugs they never bothered to fix. SWG players, being a game where you have to talk to other people, were nearly all saying the same thing.

One such bug is the spawning in Tuskens in Fort Tusken. Had they bothered to fix bugs like that and made more content that players can do, as in Geo cave, Death Watch bunker, Corvette, etc. The game would still be around today.

Unless you want to deny that EVE Online exists?

You know the game that is 10 years old and yet has a higher sub count then ever before? Not even WoW can claim that as it's sub numbers are now dropping.