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OP, as others have mentioned you are relying on the results of a pseudorandom number generator. The problem with pseudorandom number generators is that to approximate randomness, the numbers have to be taken and use in order. You've partitioned your results between different sets of attempts, and that's not to mention the fact that you are almost certainly drawing from a random number pool that is also used by other users. Your results aren't statistically valid for that reason, the number of trials or anything else notwithstanding.
Why do you believe that only a pseydorandom number generator is used and not real randomness ?
Not to mention that it does not matter either way, since picking elements at random from the sequence created by either should result in a random sequence of numbers.
The question is how the number generator picks the numbers and how they are distributed (Poisson-,Uniform- , Binomial- ). The simplest of those is ofcorse the Uniform-distribution that assigns every value between 1 and 100 the chance of 1/100.