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Gree event PvP element comment.
I understand adding the PvP element " free for all with objectives.. but aside from keeping others from achieving a goal, whether same or opposing faction .. but one would think you would more encourage usage of the areas by returning to the ability to attain Mercenary comms.. you guys already had gear for them . just update stats .. people would have multiple ways to get geared for Pvp. or merc comms could be tradable for stand alone mods to assist in Min / Max 'ing gear.. To me aside from killing = hinder, annoy, grief theres really no reward especially if you are a stand alone player that either doesnt have a guild or time to invest in WZ's 24/7 like many people we see.

Gree event PvE Element

My understanding is the gree event ends on the 23'rd. if that is so then it is impossible to attain the champion lvl rep to aquire the Legacy weapons. You cant even reach hero.. week one I managed to get all but 120 rep and maxed week 2 and still have only 9360 toward progression to HERO. assuming I had maxed week 1 I would have 9480-9500.. depending on bonus for subscriber. so what gives? the WB area quests are only available 1 time(all three WB) unless I missed something somewhere.. yet it says REPEATABLE..
AND then theres the MASSIVE increase in repair bills.. which irks me to no end. you can go broke really fast if you are getting griefed by opposing factions, or enemy same faction in FFA area . This happens when you are fighting a NPC or group of them and a swarm of enemy come in and cc you or jack you while fighting a Pylon guardian which has already cc'd you and left you with no stun breaker.. Translation is DEATH with resultng repair bill from hell. I die 2-3 times attempting the same heroic and I suddenly have a 50-60k repair bill which has elliminated all my gains from the missions.. In order to get the rep I have to keep trying and suddenly end up broke and UNABLE to continue even trying to complete as I have all broken unreparable gear ..
You used to be able to do space missions to get funds to get back in the fight.. but the heroic rewards are now next to nothing, and those missions have frustrated many a player. I think you guys really messed that part up. you used to be able to work hard and get some cash to gear up by buying mods and such on the GTN if you needed, but now making money for such is very hard to do . More than one person has started to believe that you guys are doing this with the intention of introducing CARTEL coins for repairs in yet another tug at peoples wallets, thus further pushing SWOTR into the realm of the FACEBOOK games .. if that is your intention.. just be ready to add "Ville" to SWOTOR.

Overall Reputaion comment

aside from the GRee rep rewards ..I havent found any rewards to be had from attaining REP for the SPAce missions.. whats the point if once again there are NO rewards aside from a stupid title..?