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02.19.2013 , 11:21 PM | #8
Old thread, but the same ****. I assembled a group of people ready to take down the WB on to find 50's soloing them, even the one my group of 8 stood in front of. This is utter ********. Why the **** should I continue to play a game that I get raped by my own team?

If you're a 50 doing WB's during prime time you are the biggest Douche I've ever met.

As for the designers that allow this, by making 50's impervious to damage from lover levels, **** you you lazy ****s. You've lost my sub. Totally, I see no reason to get ****ed everytime I play a game I pay for, and more and more often that's what happens. So yeah, you've officially lost my sub.