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I just found myself bailing on a H4 daily because we wiped several times, certain group members weren't learning from mistakes and my repair bill was already well in excess of what the mission was worth. I hated myself for bailing, and before the repair bill changes it's not something I would ever have considered doing, I'd have stuck around and tried to get everyone through it. But I could see further wipes and a huge repair bill incoming and didn't want to do lots more dailies just to cover it.
And that's one of the major issues with this change. I tank on both sides of the faction fence, so I see it, and I get the bulk of the repair costs. I'll explain what needs to be done, and if the group does not learn, I have no other choice but to exit. Beforehand, I would have stuck around as long as I could, but now, the rope is very short. This change was not for the betterment of the community as a whole.
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