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02.19.2013 , 07:28 PM | #1129
I just found myself bailing on a H4 daily because we wiped several times, certain group members weren't learning from mistakes and my repair bill was already well in excess of what the mission was worth. I hated myself for bailing, and before the repair bill changes it's not something I would ever have considered doing, I'd have stuck around and tried to get everyone through it. But I could see further wipes and a huge repair bill incoming and didn't want to do lots more dailies just to cover it.

The change is anti-community and it is anti-fun. I can see no rational justification for it whatsoever, it does not improve the game, it makes it less fun, less social and less enjoyable to play. From now on I will probably stick to guild runs rather than attempt anything with a PUG.

If there's too much money in the game, then introduce some more expensive cosmetics and fluff for people to sink their creds into. There might be quite a lot of hyper rich players in the game, but the average player isn't sitting on a credit mountain. The repair bill does little to dent the accounts of the hyper rich and just penalises the average player.

Since all EA/Bioware seem to care about is money, it doesn't even make any sense from an economic point of view either because people are unsubbing because of it. How can it represent a worthwhile change for the players or for EA? It's a very poor situation all round.