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02.19.2013 , 07:21 PM | #49
actually, i think any of the "imperial mark iv sentinel droid" (elite) for example, which are everywhere in the fp Taral V, will do a stealth detection debuff (the kind that looks like a laser reticule on the stealthed player) and it is not a boss. I believe its 3-5 seconds, if the stealthed player does not unstealth within that time, the mob will unstealth the player and engage combat, anyone else in the stealthed players group will also be in combat with the mob. In fact, i went into the lvl 30ish version of taral v with my lvl50 scoundrel and tested stealth in that instance and it is obvious that level has no effect on stealth level, because as a lvl 50 scoundrel in stealth i was still getting the "laser reticule" debuff from an insane distance away from the mob, like 30m+, even in a low level fp. imo, stealth and npc mob stealth detection needs a tweaking at least for pve, but thats another discussion for another thread.

A few times i have told stealth players to unstealth near these droids because of that, and a few times i have had stealth players swear they are not the ones causing the pulls.