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02.19.2013 , 05:52 PM | #1
So last night while questing someone asks me to help with a heroic. I ended up helping him, but one of our group members was already almost complete with the heroic and goes to finish it without us. So we ended up leaving the instance and reentered. All the mobs are back and we were short one person. I told our group to just sprint to the ending part and die there. We will respawn and just finish the quest at that spot. He leaves the group then ignores me. I don't know but was I in the wrong? Is that not allowed or something. I don't get it. LOL

The second one was while we were doing Mandalorian Raiders. Our tank dies in the first fight and I simply asked who is our healer? He then replies this is my q to leave. He then leaves the FP and his guildy said he was healing me and he also leaves. So I asked the tank were you getting healed he said NO. He only healed his guildy. I came to this server because the people were friendly, but now I feel like if I say the wrong words people are just gonna get offended. Was I wrong in asking who the healer was?