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After reading a few dozen pages, I have to chime in because there are a lot of incorrect numbers thrown out
(by the supporters of the repair costs as well as the opponents):

Please check this thread for some genuine test values (yes, I'm shamelessly promoting my own work ):

As it is, my recommendation to everyone who wants to save on repair costs:
Re-mod to PVP shells or cheap (by sales price) crafted Orange shells for weapons/armor.
If you are a fresh 50 with no resources, use free Recruit Gear rather than free Tionese.

DO NOT use Cartel Armor, DO NOT use high-end PVE armor (Dread, etc) and DO NOT use Legacy armor!

i 100% support this, however in 4 days i will no longer be a subscriber and do not plan to until they either fix this, or the huge lack of communication this game has is addressed , aka * Yep, we messed up we should have used the PTS, we are working on a fix* instead its head in the sand and ignore their customers.
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