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Its funny, as someone whose characters literally ONLY gets hit on by people she isn't going to be interested in, I like the really forceful/insulting ways you can turn them down, and have no need or desire for anything neutral. In regard to an earlier comment about Leliana and DAO in general, yes she was very awesome, and even with the mod that let female Wardens romance Morrigan I still almost always picked Leliana. Leliana is as good an example as any that limits are pointless, because from all the evidence I've ever seen Leliana is clearly a lesbian, yet she can be romanced by a male Warden. And thats all fine and good, because if somebody wants to romance Leliana they should be able to. The same would be true of Morrigan, she should've been romancable by everyone also despite the fact that she seemed more on the straight side (though she all but confirmed having slept with women before, when she talked about how she had to sleep with Templars from time to time, and as we all know thats not a male-only group) . Obviously DA2 did away with those annoying limitations, and that made the game that much better (which, as it turned out, was especially important because there weren't many actual improvements in DA2 overall) . It doesn't really matter what a character's starting sexual preferences are, you can make them like Leliana where they seem to be Lesbian, Isabella where they clearly go both ways, Morrigan who seems more straight, or Merrill who doesn't really seem to be predefined in any way, so long as you've got the same option to romance them that the male players do, all is good.

As for the more general comments about breaks in the storyline and it getting boring, try some of the 'warzones', the PvP mini-games which are generally really fun and help you level up in the process. I don't know which class you're playing, so if you've got nothing but ugly and annoying teammates there's really not a whole lot you can do about that except be patient, when I played as a smuggler I leveled up a fair bit with the robot, even though it was clearly inferior, because I didnt want that annoying dude who constantly hits on you, whatever his name was, around. On my SI, obviously your first character is a monster, who was much more tolerable because he'd rather kill you than hit on you (and of course doesn't do either) . In both cases though, patience leads to eventually ending up with an attractive female teammate who is fun to have around. Same on my JK, only you get her even earlier still, you get a fairly entertaining little robot as your first teammate, then the attractive female. Some classes you get your female teammate first, like the SW class that I sadly haven't done yet (I tried it, but just a few levels worth, back when I was trying out the various classes, I never got far enough to have a teammate), I definitely plan to though.

The bottom line is that obviously they should've been LIs for both male and female characters, you are completely right that the romances make the game so much more fun, and when there's a romance RIGHT THERE and they won't let you play it simply because you're playing a gender they dont approve of, it makes it a lot more annoying than if there never had been any romances in the game at all, like in every other MMO I've ever played. The romances were a unique, and awesome, selling point for this game, and then to not let you play ANY of them unless you play as a male character (or prefer dudes) is wrong beyond belief. Hopefully they mean it when they say they plan to fix things and make things right, its certainly possible that all our efforts have genuinely caused them to change their mind and finally give us the romances that are already there and would be SO simple to let us enjoy too. But my suggestion to you is have patience, you'll get a female teammate sooner or later whatever class you're playing as (I think the other Jedi class, not the Knight but the other one, has the longest wait, I havent played that one but I'm just basing that on what Ive read), and at that point you can give her 'courting' gifts, eventually you'll get a 'dancing' ability where you can dance together, and by using little things like that you can imagine that you're in a romance with them, even though you don't get the actual romance conversations because you're the 'wrong' gender according to whoever it was that decided to design it that way. Its hardly an ideal solution, but it really is better than nothing, so I'd advise patience, enjoy the little things we do have, and enjoy the main storyline, all of the main storylines I've seen so far have been pretty daggone good (I've played the SI and JK storylines all the way through, the SI one is quite simply epic, the JK one is really good too but the ending is kind've of a letdown, sort of a combination of 'that wasnt supposed to happen' and blandness) . Enjoy the 'warzones', level up until you get your female character (some classes even get more than one), enjoy the story, its a really fun game, what you're actually allowed to play of it anyway. It does have its boring parts, but you're pretty much at the worst of it right now, once you get past 'chapter one' things tend to start really picking up, it seems to me. You get the cooler abilities, the battles seem a bit easier, you still level up quickly, maybe even more quickly thanks to those newer abilities, and again once you get your female teammate, all will seem right with the world. Hang in there, because once you get to level 50 not only do you get to do all sorts of really cool and fun things like that Gree event happening right now, but once you have a second character, you can have them get 'married' in your legacy, and then any subsequent characters can be their children, or siblings, or just more characters to get married, however you want to do it. It definitely gets more fun as the game goes along, and hopefully they'll eventually make good on their promise to give us the romances that we want and should've had all along, and then things will be AWESOME .