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02.19.2013 , 04:44 PM | #47
This anecdotal "I've never had stealth pull a robot" stuff is pointless, so I went into hammer station with a level 20 shadow.

There are robots called "boarder suppression droid" in this flashpoint. There are two at the location the thread creator is talking about. "Boarder suppression droid" aggros stealthed characters at as far away as 25 meters if you're in their line of sight. It does not drop stealth scan. It just puts a target on you and pulls about 3 seconds later. Running further away does not help. Unstealthing did the one time I tried it.

If TC was stealthed at the intersection in question, the entrance of which is about 15 meters from the closest "boarder suppression droid," he pulled the mobs, not the healer. End of story.

Moral? Don't stealth near droids. And don't be a jerk about it when you cause a wipe or you might get kicked.