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Quote: Originally Posted by Thundergulch View Post
What is wrong with you people?
1-1/2 hours of daily's will give you the money for repair costs!
Oh no,people actually have to put in a little effort to maintain their wallet, the humanity! How dare they devs actually expect us to work for our rewards!
A wild debater appears. He casts "shout viewpoint." It is super ineffective.

Look, it's obvious that you're frustrated by complaints about repair costs. You've expressed your point very clearly in practically every thread on the subject.

You aren't noticing what this thread is about. The willingness of experienced players to work with pugs for progression due to the additional repair costs.

Edit: Let me try to be crystal clear here:

1. My guild has plenty of money to cover our repair costs for raids.
2. Raising the repair cost did not affect our raid schedule.
3. Many players in my guild (who are mostly full 63) used to participate in pugs in the server.
4. This was to help out, to meet potential new guildies, to get a good repulation on the server, to run ops for our alts.
5. The repair costs used to be low enough that we were tolerant of wipes.
6. Not any more.
7. We've stopped pugging ops so we save our money for guild runs.

You've already stated that you aren't interested in pugs. Therefore this thread has nothing to do with you.