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Yep. This is true. I usually queue to do the occasional FP if I feel like running one and guildies aren't around or don't feel like doing one. I've only queued once for a FP since these repair costs went into effect, and that was as the tank with a fello guild member on healing; we queued for 2 DPS. I won't enter the queue on my own at ALL. I'll just level an alt or do something else. I rarely have a lot of money on my toons, I don't run dailies very often and I don't really enjoy working the GTN for cash. Up until now, it wasn't a big deal, I made enough to cover the reasonable costs of repair. But now that 2 wipes cost me 30k in repairs, I won't queue. Period. I can't afford to.
The tank in my guild is in full DG and has a 30k-40k repair bill after 2 whipes. Are you a tank in full DG?