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It's not worth it Ureal. No matter what you say, or bring up, people will not listen.
When the shoe is on their foot, the, and only then, will they realize what has happened tot his game.

I'm sorry that it came to this for you. Out of everyone I have talked to on the forums, I thought YOU would be here forever. My wife and I recently unsubbed as well. Due to ALL the bs from eaware. This is not the game from beta.
I understand games change from beta on, but this one has gone down the tubes. ( My opinion. people can flame it all they want,it means squat. Just like me saying it).

Good luck to you Ureal. Hope you find a game that is worth your time, and a forum you can "troll" lol.
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I am in the same boat.

I wonder on how many subs is TOR sitting right now. Must be a pretty sad number.

Actually this whole game is a big tragedy. Had huge hopes since 200X, it looked so amazing, only to be a huge flop. A flop with EA written all over it.

At least the stories and novels are good, could have been a classic wasn't it a MMO. Quite sad if you ask me, I thought this would be the game of my life, a MMO I would be still picking up to casually raid or have fun some 5 years from now (like WoW). Quite sad
I appriciate the well wishes guys. I too thought I would be here for a long time. Hope things turn around for you and those still holding out hope. Burned too many times now by EA for me to stay and my time is more limited now a days to play more than one MMORPG at a time effectively (You were right G). WoW will hold me for a while until something else comes along. Still looking for a non-fantasy MMORPG with staying power ( but not EVE ). Send me a PM if you want to exchange emails ( anyone else that wants to also the offer is open ).