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This quote surprised me:
Quote: Originally Posted by Chiramu View Post
I dislike when healers try to DPS instead of watching health bars. Healer DPS is so pitiful, you might as well stand and wait for healing to be done instead. ...
As an optimized Sage healer, I have a tremendous amount of willpower and power on my gear. I can do a LOT of dps following a simple rotation of TK Throw / Disturbance / Project, even if it is marvelously inefficient as far as force management goes.

Gear optimization for a healer tends to be main stat + power, same as a dps. Any highly geared healer can do plenty of damage.

That said, when I show up in a group as a healer, one of three things happen during fights:

1. Everything goes great, and I have plenty of time to dps in between heals, so I do so.
2. Things are hectic, so I might just keep a Weaken Mind DoT up and the occasional TK Wave, but mostly heal.
3. Things are ouchy-bad, so I focus purely on keeping the group alive and don't dps at all.