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Be glad and never let it happen again lol. Be glad it happened with this group because you may have wiped multiples times before it was all said and done.

Never let it happen again by always being in control.

One thing I hate as a tank in PUG's is dps or healers telling me how to tank. I mark as soon as I see more than one elite or a bunch of strongs. I stealth and cc one and get in position. If someone jumps in before I CC or before someone else can get off a CC i let them die. If u want to tank so bad then switch to a Tank toon and have at it. If I'm tanking and I know the fights, we go on my mark. I've been in too many 'easy' encounters and wiped because a healer or dps aggro'ed first and no CC's were done. I can leave and find another group easily.
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