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Is it even possible for a heal to start an encounter? I've not seen that before.

I assume by gun heal you mean Hammer Shot, which is weird since I've never seen a healing skill start an encounter. It's possible that your healer wandered into the enemies' aggro range and fired Hammer Shot at the exact same second, but then it would have been his proximity to the hostile mobs that started the fight, not the fact that he was healing you.

Basically, what Keeva just said.
Healing before starting the fight will never pull aggro on the healer, otherwise Scoundrel/Op healers who most of the times put their HoTs on the tank for the procs before the fight starts would never be able to do it without dying in the process.

It could have been a number of things but the healer moving too close to the mobs was probably what pulled aggro.

That said, of course it wasn't your fault. And even if it had been your fault... **** happens and it's not like my pixel-self dying has any real impact on me to care about it. I never vote kick a tank that's not as good as I think he should be. In fact, most of the time, I like (enjoy would be a hyperbole) tanks that do not know EXACTLY what to do because that helps me become better and keeps me on my feet when healing instead of just spamming my heals in a mechanical order.

The only tanks I hate are the ones who don't care about the healer at all. And I'm not talking about guard - that shoudl be on the highest dps - I'm talking about those tanks that will just jump on the next target even though your force/energy/ammo etc is low and you had no time to rest, those that see all mobs in the area attacking you and they just keep taunting that one silver mob like it's their life's goal to keep that one on them...