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Good question. No one in Bio seems inclined to utter a word

Update hit what the 12th? This particular thread the 14th though there were earlier ones deleted and redirected to this one. Bio responds with above statement. So, all we can conclude is that after 4 more days Bio has learned nothing despite multiple threads by it's community working out what happened. That or they lied. Or they just want us to stop posting and live with it.

Other problems were addressed immediately, this one has hit a week now and Bio seems happy to let the subs continue to bleed while they sit in silence.

Would it have meant something to you if Bio had made an attempt to respond in the last 4 days somewhere among the 600 additional posts: "This sudden change had greater charges than intended, we are having issue working on a new patch but we are continuing to work on this." or "working as intended you need to adjust, thank you for your input." How many would have felt they were heard and stuck around? Seems such a basic notion from two people talking to an entire corporation.......communication.
poor communication will kill this game. How hard is it to write out a 2 or 3 sentence post in dev tracker letting us know you are actually interested in the game surviving? No new posts in devtracker since the 17th...everyone on vacation there?