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Thank you for the detailed explanation Rikuvon.

I'm starting to save up for the rest of the BH gear, but don't quite understand the mods. I understand that I need to be more careful about what I choose for mods and, but what should be the kind of stats in them besides cunning of course. I know I don't need the alacricity, but should I be stacking crit and surge, or power.... etc. That information would help a little more than having to check a list of mod names each time. And I'm not sure where I get those crystals, and I'm not a millionaire so I can't buy them. Also for greed wins in ops/flashpoints, should I just sell the gear to get the credits, use it to equip my companions...? The comp I use mainly is Dr. Lokin, and since he uses cunning he just gets all my used gear so he has close to my health and is a great heal/dps.

I don't have cybertech or artifce alts yet, I'm working on that though. I am a member of ItburnswheniPvp guild, and enjoy it. I'm trying to fit into a raid group, so that should help. As far as the BH comms go, I do always do the Black Hole weekly on Corellia, and the dailies to get credits because I can do them all in 20 minutes. I also do the daily rhm, from fleet and from gf. I haven't been doing section X because as far as I knew the weekly still had the glitch.

I'll start saving up for those dg relics right away, shouldn't take that long with all the dailies available. But besides the one that gives additional damage, what should the other one be? And I understand that my mainhand weapon is a pvp one and so has less stats than normal, but it was a better option than still using the tionese one until I get a rakata/bh/dg mh.

Most of my full operations were done with my guild, but I pug most of the comm runs. I think one of the reasons I stacked endurance at first was because I kept getting kicked from ops groups because while I might have been geared enough, or known the fights.. etc my health was 2k+ beneath the rest of the group's health.
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