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I'm sorry, but this just sounds like a petulant child stomping their feet.

1. Valid, but can be remedied by communication with the new player rather than just running off and leaving them to their own devices. This is a fault of the community, not the game.

2. What the hell are you doing wiping 20-30 times taking on a boss? If you don't get it in the first couple of tries, quit and devise a new strategy and try again.

3. Causal players, are by definition, not hardcore and will generally not run these missions. If they do, they will quickly realize they are out of their element and go back to more casual gaming.
1. The problem is not communication with new players. The problem is new players won't speak up for fear of being insta-kicked, then because they didn't speak up they cause a wipe. There could be several complicated, convoluted, community-driven fixes to this, but there's also an easy one: Put the repair costs back to where they don't factor into wipes.

2. Yeah, 20-30 times is excessive but it doesn't take anywhere near that many wipes to get to 250k per person.

3. False assumption on your part. I'm Casual. I've raided quite extensively in this game. I was able to do so because it didn't require the grind that other games did to get consumables and credits to fund the raiding. It's one of the big appeals to me as a casual player - I can do challenging content without doing the tedious, boring garbage. It makes the game worth the subscription fee. If I'm now forced to grind or burn more real money to get the credits to fund my gameplay, I'm forced to reconsider the value of the subscription. Which, in my case and many others, we've done and EA will within 30 days see the full impact of that reconsideration.

EDIT: I guess when that last comes fully into play, those people who support the hideous repair costs - you know, the ones who've nothing better to do than grind dailies on a team of 50's all day - they'll finally have the control over the raid content that they so dearly covet. But that's not going to be good for the game.