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I've leveled up an Operative and I've never seen this 'super-stealth-detection' people are claiming all droids have.

1. Bosses have insane stealth detection, and you can tell because the stealthed person will get a symbol over their head telling them they're about to be detected. A few seconds later the boss usually aggros.

2. Some (note: SOME) droids have a stealth scan ability (note: ABILITY they can activate, not a passive trait) that looks exactly like the BH's stealth scan. Yes if you stealth anywhere near that thing you will be knocked out of stealth immediately, but it's a clearly visible animation that is easily avoided.

If you stealth up to a non-boss droid that does not have a stealth-scan ability (or has just used it and the effect has faded), their stealth detection chance is the same as any other mob.
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