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Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
What you you should buy:
Black Hole Trapper's MK-1 Device - Crit + Surge
Black Hole Targeter's MK-1 Enhancer - Acc + Crit
Black Hole Trapper's MK-1 Gloves - Best Armoring, Power Mod, Power + Surge Enhancement
Black Hole Trapper's MK-1 Leggings - Best Armoring, Crit Mod, Crit + Surge Enhancement
Black Hole Mender's MK-1 Boots - Best Armoring, Power Mod, Power+Surge Enhancement
Black Hole Trapper's MK-1 Boots - Best armoring, Crit Mod and Acc+Crit Enhancement
Excellent post, thank you! I noticed, though, that you listed the boots twice. Was this intentional, to get different mods/enhancements, or was one of those supposed to be a different piece?