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So your assertion is: Because I do not want to spend my limited time (6 hours per week) grinding credits every other week so I can go on one raid on the other week I am irrational, immature and have a false sense of entitlement?
I'm not saying that someone who chooses to scream about the higher repair costs and who refuses to do anything to offset the cost of repairs is an immature, irrational person with a false sense of entitlement, but with regards to the higher repair costs, that person may be acting in an irrational and immature manner and displaying signs of a false sense of entitlement regarding the issue of higher repair costs.

I know that the repair costs need to be fixed so that they are based on the item mods and not the shell. I'm not happy that the repair costs are borked at the moment. I know from experience that a person who voices their displeasure in a clam and rational manner will be much greater results than one who chooses to scream and demand. I also know that it will be fixed when it gets fixed, no amount of screaming or demanding on my part will accomplish that any quicker.

So, while I wait for this new bug to be fixed, I have several options.

Option 1-- I can refuse to do anything to earn the extra credits I need to offset the increased repair costs and cut back on, or stop playing altogether, the game I enjoy.

1a--I can do this while voicing my displeasure in calm manner on the forums, or to customer service, etc.
1b--I can do this while screaming and demanding on the forums or to customer service, etc.
1c--I can do this silently and never letting EA/BW know why I and cutting back or quitting.

Option 2-- I can continue to play the game I enjoy by taking some the limited time I have to play and earn the extra credits I need to offset the repair costs. I can do this by running dailies, playing the GTN, or another means. I do not enjoy dailies. I know that they are an easy way to make credits, though. I have the same three sub-options with regards to how I choose to voice my displeasure.

I myself choose option 2a. I choose to continue to play the game I enjoy, by taking some of the limited play time I get to play to earn a few extra credits to pay the higher repair costs. I do not have all week to play. My time in game is very limited, often less than 4 hours a week, and some weeks, I don't even sign on. I have expressed, in a calm and rational manner, my opinion that the higher repair costs are the result of a new and unintended bug and my desire to see that fixed.

Does my choice make me a better person? I don't think so, but in my opinion, it does mean that I am acting in a more rational and mature manner and not displaying a false sense of entitlement regarding the new repair costs.