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this is also a problem i began having in sm ops and hm fps from time to time ever since i began buying the black hole gear (only have two pieces so far though) ... would really appreciate it if someone could please help me figure out what would be the threat dump for a dps shadow running the balance tree
Building on what Stressfire said, there are 2 types of 'pulling aggro' as a DPS. First, make sure you're following "standard dps protocol" = don't shoot first, and kill all of the little guys while the tank occupies the big guys, unless it's a boss fight or a particular encounter that requires a different mechanic. (In FP's, there aren't many non-boss encounters that require a different mechanic.)

Assuming you're following 'standard dps protocol', there are 2 types of pulling aggro.

1. Some low-level mob is attacking you.
----> Easy. Finish killing what you're killing...and now you know who's going to die next? That guy shooting you!

2. Some bigger (silver, gold, etc)mob is attacking you.
-----> Can you cc him? If so, do it now and then finish what you were killing before. If not, finish what you were killing before and then either (a) take him yourself if you think you can or (b) go start helping the tank with what he's doing so that you pull the bigger mob over to where the tank is.

A good tank will keep aggro on as much as possible, but good tanks often also assume that you know what to cc in advance of an encounter, so sometimes you might pull aggro because of an assumption.

And if you really want an A+, keep an eye on your healer...killing mobs who attack your healer is a fantastic way of climbing up a healer's priority list