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I'll respond even though I already did 2 times on this issue. I was the 3rd furthest from the mob when they were pulled. The healer was the closest. The mob turned to him and killed him nearly immediately. He pulled the aggro. I cannot make it anymore simple than this. As to why I was voted, I can't tell you because I'm not them. Obviously, the healer was just trying to pass blame off himself. As to the DPS, maybe they thought it was my job to save him in some sort of super hero fashion, I don't know. Also, I didn't lecture the healer. He's the one who told me if I didn't know how to tank then don't and to let the adults play the game. I know how to play this game very well, I would not have created this post if I was unsure of exactly what happened. I tank endgame ops with my guardian. I think I'm all set with hammer station.
Yeah, you're wrong. See below.

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I stealth up to droids in hammer station and normal questing all the time. I usually stealth, force speed to get behind them quickly, then open with the high damage back attack. You do know that a droids stealth scan is when they drop those mini droids that spin the scanning beams. What you're saying basically is that me being stealth'ed further away from the mob than a heals who's 3 levels lower than me and standing closer to them unstealthed is what pulled them? No way. Please read my posts fully if you are going to respond to them. I offer you the same courtesy.
The bold is exactly correct, despite you saying "no way." Stealthing near a droid further away than a healer who is near an enemy but outside aggro range will pull them every time. And since mercs are always charging superheated ion gas(? think that's what it's called), their heal aggro will overtake pull aggro in one global.

If you're stealthing near droids all the time in hammer station, you're doing it wrong and probably making a mess with unexpected pulls.

Please note that you should never stealth around bosses either. Some of them will pull at FAR outside aggro range. Off the top of my head, there's a spot in Battle of Ilum between a strong mob and a bunch of boss trash, where you will wipe the group by stealthing.

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I just asked someone in the group to CC, not the healer in particular. Both DPS were level 22 and had CC's. But its moot now that i just got mind maze, which is awesome.
This is not correct. If the 2 DPS were powertechs or juggs, they have no CC. If they were marauders, they get CC at 28. And, incidentally, mind maze doesn't work on droids. They'll pull before you get there and it doesn't do anything against them anyway.

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Yeah I was at full health. Now it's apparent his gun heal didn't pull, but he did. He just so happened to be spamming his gun heal on me at the same time. He got to close to the mob is all, plain and simple. However, when mercs just spam the gun heal for no reason when the target is at full health, it is very annoying. At least the commando's version doesn't make noise.
The merc isn't spamming his gun heal for "no reason." He's charging up a skill so it's easier for him to heal.

From what I can tell, you've been told multiple times, by multiple people, what you may have done wrong and respond by, essentially blaming everyone else, making incorrect statements about how the game works and bragging about how good you are at jugg tanking.

If your behavior in the flashpoint was anything like your responses in this thread--telling classes without CC to CC things, stealthing around robots, blaming the healer for "pulling with a heal" when it was your stealth that got the group, failing to recover aggro after the pull, telling the healer that his rotation is "annoying," then, despite all these mistakes, go into a sweet brag about how good you think you are with a jugg--it's no surprise you were kicked, and you should expect more of this as long as this behavior persists.