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02.19.2013 , 11:57 AM | #1105
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THIS is why there needs to be a different way to reduce in-game credits.
Instead of game killing repair costs, how about a credit ceiling? A 2M per character and 5M per account limit would stop the rampant inflation on the GTN without screwing all of us non-tycoons. IF that was EAware's intent (reducing GTN prices). If it wasn't, then what the hell IS the increase for?
You'll lose a lot of subs at that cap, too. 5M is nothing.

If you really want to destroy credits, put in a "tax" that destroys some fraction of a percentage of everyone's credit balance every day.

But... we're assuming that destroying credits was the reason EA implemented this "bug fix". That gives them credit for thinking ahead, which is probably far too much credit. It also means they are foolish because, at least on one server, there is deflation.

Bottom line is they owe us an answer...