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subnormals. subnormals everywhere.

i can make more than 1million per day if i want to or maybe 1.5million and with lucky 2million per day

of course i don't do it because it is bored but it is posible

ps: bioware said they will add less repair taxes
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How nice for you. I have never had 1.5M combined across all my characters. Right now I am sitting on a whopping 287k total.
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This must be why I don't think this is that big of an issue since i'm sitting on 50 mil atm and can make 200-500k in 1-3 hrs of doing daillies on whatever toon i'm trying to get a new relic on, or by playing the GTN ect ect.
THIS is why there needs to be a different way to reduce in-game credits.
Instead of game killing repair costs, how about a credit ceiling? A 2M per character and 5M per account limit would stop the rampant inflation on the GTN without screwing all of us non-tycoons. IF that was EAware's intent (reducing GTN prices). If it wasn't, then what the hell IS the increase for?
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