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02.19.2013 , 11:34 AM | #1103
It looks like many of us here are missing something. This is not a "grind" mechanic. It's not a "punishment" either. There is no "entitlement" (or lack thereof) at play here, and bickering at each other won't resolve anything: we are the players, and what we say matters. So, let's all play together well here!


What we have here is an economic effect without an economic impetus. Through an intentional 'fix' (cause) came an unintentional effect. Since repair costs effect everybody across all levels of the game (who the vast majority experience PvE combat - to some degree or another). It can be likened to interest rates. So, with this 'fix' came a 2-fold (in my experience) increase in repair costs (hereafter referred to as "interest rates"). In the real world, central banks monitor, adjust, and at times, increase interest rates to combat inflation (or the degradation of the real vaue of currency).

Here too, the devs have increased interst rates, but there was no inflation to speak of. In fact, on the sever I frequent, prices for some of the most expesive items have actually decreased over the last two months! So, as a collective whole, we are now asked to do the same with increased overhead or marginal cost. To achieve equilibrium in what we personally do, many of us have chosen to do less (i.e. less grouping for FPs, less teaching and helping the less-geared or less-experienced players: less overall). Some may choose to increase their prices in the GTN, in a futile attempt to balance their budget to no avail - as less will be spent on the same items as was a week ago. Again, higher interest rates lower inflation (or price of goods).

I try to remind myself that credits are like score points in any old video game. However, when they can be traded for or redeemed for items in-game, they then have a tradeable current value based on the mean aggregate earnings of the 80th percentile: ergo "currency." We are all talking about the same thing here but, for varios reasons and perspectives, are all beating around the bush. We are talking about in-game "money." In the end, this is all it is. And, no one likes to have their spending power diminished.

So, to the devs I ask, "please lower the interest rate (or economic burden) on the repair costs by 50% (like it was previously for many many moons)?"

Kind regards.

(btw, toasting in and epic bread) - Cheers all!