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I just reached Hero this morning (One level behind champ), i already hit the cap i use the purple trophy thingy and even if you stack lot of them you won't be able to get to champ(3 weeks is what you need for that) im 560/15000 out to get to champ,also i just read that the vendor will stay but if i stack lots of trophys i will need many you know (purple=1600 rep,blue=650 rep and green=420rep) so as i see it is pretty hard to get the rank to buy atleast one of thoose weapons,you'll need to stack lots of them with diferent alts and use them in the next two weeks aftaer the event as i see it.

Out of the topic: what happend to hood toogle??? also i want Kallig mask with hood like a lot of inquis want
I think you're over stating the Rep, green is 270, blue is 630 I think, and purple is more around 1300 though not sure on exact #. I'm 1730 / 15000 atm toward champion. With a 12k a week cap I still cannot hit champion next week. I will be 2 weeks after, and looks like i'll be able to get it using just two toon daily.
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