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02.19.2013 , 11:16 AM | #1102
An interesting reflection.
This thread is about high repair costs and ppl be feed up on beeng ignored by BioWare.

Still ppl are here defending the latest changes. An telling all of us not having the same oppinoin, that we do not know how to play and that to have fun you must pay by doing boring stuff. Like dalylies.

Why cant you create your own thread where you say that you love the new repair costs?
And find everything BioWare does is fantastic, how you love beeing ignored by the so called customer support etc.

I have been playing since start but will not continnue long if BioWare doesnt change and become more customer focused.

Please feel free call me a troll and every insult you can. That will not change the fact that a lot of ppl feel ingored and are canceling their subscriptions. It would be interesting to se a poll. Pro high repair costs post 1.7 and before 1.7.

I dare you to create a thread pro high repair costs lets see wich thread will have most posts.