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The issue is that you don't need to stack Endurance *in any appreciable sense* in order to reach the magical 25k threshold: as I've pointed out, you can get there using an absolute *minimum* of Endurance specific gear (2 crystals and 3-4 armorings/hilts/enh/mods). Anyone that goes *beyond* that baseline level of Endurance isn't likely to be a particularly effective tank; either that or they're trying to make up for bad healers that require a larger reaction time cushion.
Again I'm not advocating against this, its just that using endurance crystals, hilt and 3-4 armorings is not using *main stat everything*, and for a jugg you would need to use more just to hit 25k. Your rationale has detail and context, its not the simple "use high main stat everything or your bad" quote I took issue with.
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The mechanical reasons that you want 25k hp are due to consistent, high incoming damage phases and potential burst damage scenarios that occur in relatively rapid succession (once every 20 seconds or so). As such, Enure wouldn't really make up for it because you're only getting the benefit of it for 10/15 seconds every 90 seconds. While Enure would cover you for the first time you need the hp cushion, it wouldn't be up for the second or likely third.
Yea, it just feels icky having to use more endurance then the other tanks, when threat generation for juggs is so far behind the other tanks. A jugg can only get away with a might hilt, everything else has to be guardian stuff *just* to hit 25k with the exo stim. Only thing left to try would be doing a switcharoo with enhancements to indirectly trade shield rating for main stat. On an unrelated note, assuming a hybrid build using force scream on cooldown, how does endurance compare to strength?