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You may have missed the multiple posts in which I state that repair costs should be based on item mods and not the shell, and that this needs to be fixed. I even think that players should voice their displeasure. There is a difference between voicing displeasure while doing what one can to alleviate the problem while you wait for a solution, and screaming that there is a problem and demanding that it be fixed while refusing to make use of the means at your disposal to alleviate the problem ile you wait for a solution. In my opinion, the former is rational and mature, and the latter is entitled.
Dear Poster,

I am confused by your use of the word "entitled" do you mean to say that entitlement is neither rational or mature or that rational and mature people are not entitled to a solution? Do you mean that people who demand a fix while refusing to take measures to alleviate their problem while a solution is made to resolve their problem are entitled? Either of these cases I find very confusing.

Or perhaps you are confusing actual entitlement with the phrase "a false sense of entitlement "which I believe is a common idiomatic expression which would entail the individual thinks that they are entitled to something when in actuality they are entitled to nothing. I apologies English is not my first language.
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