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If you don't want to continue to pay for the entertainment you get from this game, then don't. It's an MMO. You know, those games that are all about grinding and making players work for things. MMO's are rarely, if ever, only about entertainment. If you feel that the fact that you pay to access EA/BW's servers makes you "entitled" to grind free entertainment, then you expect something for which you are not paying. In other words, you expect something for nothing. Oh, that would be your own definition of entitled, by the way.

In the end, you have to make a decision. Is the entertainment value of the "fun" parts of the game enough to justify some grinding, or does the grind outweigh the entertainment? If you find that the entertainment value is high enough, then I look forward to seeing you in game. If the grind outweighs the entertainment value, then I wish you well in your future gaming.
Well, you see, that's the problem right there. So many "fans" said that to so many players in the Spring of 2012 that EA had to go into panic mode, drop all new content development, and shift to a pay-for-gambling-packs mentality to make money off the game.

Most of the remaining subscribers are raiders, and raiders are most impacted by this "bug" "fix". Do we want them to all quit, too? What will the next panic mode reaction from EA be? Closing the servers? Or finding more insidious ways to extract additional money from your wallet via the Cartel Market?

Yes, I have in fact cancelled my account due to not only the bug but also the way they're not handling it. I won't be forced to do unfun things in a game. I don't think many raiders who are here to pay for the challenge of raiding - or even the gear drops - will either. There are plenty of alternatives out there.