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02.19.2013 , 10:10 AM | #1096
Dear to who/whom ever it may concern,

I belong(ed?) to an active progression raiding guild (Mostly 16 man EC nim as well as 8 man nim ec groups)

Due to the recent change in repair costs our guild has cut back significantly on raiding as the costs to repair have taken a rather large toll on our players moral and guild bank funds.

Now i'm not saying the change of repair costs was a bad idea. I'm simply stating that the current state of repair costs has led to many in my guild (in-which all are subscribers) deciding (risks != reward) and are actively seeking challenges in other games.

As you can see I make no assertions nor do I conclude whether the change in repair costs "is" in fact a problem. I simply felt it best to state my own personal observations. I hope that your own experiences lead you to your own conclusions.

Thank You
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