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Vergas laughed lightly. Start with the datacrons held within the temples. There should be some there.

Yes master I shall, call me if you have any need of me
Sofia then head to temples she planed trying to find out how to, force choke some one through a holochannel.

That night fall captain tibrius order his men, to work silently he did not trust the new govonour complete after his conversation with her. So he decide to creat a hard point during the night, so his men have some where safe to be. They worked well though the night and the work was hard, they even moved the colony aa guns into their new compound using a chains and the drop ship. That night while his men where working, captain tibrius decide to check the mission logs for the colony. He discovered some thing he would have to bring to sofia attention, he found a refreance to the mystrious revier`s typical the pirate`s refrance keeping was shoddy at best.