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So I did my usual thing yesterday. I logged in to participate in the Ilum event. I haven't been overly active lately, because the game's starting to get boring for me. Farming dailies, then blowing all of the cash on stuff on the GTN is pretty common for me. I don't have lot of time to spend on this game, so my credits never usually get higher than 500k. That being said, I went a step further yesterday, and actually did Section X as well for a change. Not common for me to run more than one area of dailies, because it's boring and repetitive. I decided to try out this new boss for the first time yesterday. I was invited to a 16-man run on Xeno, and I went with it. We had a goofball in the group who decided he needed to stealth in and stand under the boss while we were getting organized to start, and obviously, he caused a premature pull, and wiped the group that was inside. This happened twice. The second time I wasn't inside the instance yet, so I missed out. After reforming the group, and attempting the boss for what would have been the third time, (second for me because I was locked out of the second), we defeated him after another wipe.

I repaired twice. I had 30k credits to my name before attempting Xeno. I had no idea of the new repair costs. After repairing TWICE!!!!!!!!!, I was left with less than 5k.

This is not how it's supposed to be. I used to be able to wipe at least 4-5 times on that amount of credits. And now that I'm broke, I can't afford to repair anything, and I'm sitting with a 21k repair bill, and no money to fix it. I have to wait another day, to do more dailies, and probably break more of my gear, just to be able to fix it. This is stupid. And not to mention, defeats the purpose of the dailies in the first place.

I'm casual, and I'm bored of the dailies that we have. I'm sick of the bugs that aren't fixed. I'm tired of hearing the same old "We are aware of the problem and are working on a solution." or "We have passed it along to our devs and expect this to be dealt with soon."

I've started playing Star Trek Online, because it's smaller, performs better on my machine, looks way better, and has a MUCH better free-to-play model. I don't have to pay, but I can do everything else that my friends are doing, without any restrictions. I'm pointing this out, because I'm serious! I'm BORED with the dailies. I'm TIRED of being FORCED to do them CONSTANTLY!!!!

This repair cost is STUPID. I'm wearing the same Columi Shells that I've had since I picked them up. I'm using the same damn Campaign armorings I've had since they became available for purchase with Black Hole Commendations. I haven't changed ANYTHING!! Why am I being penalized?

And you (EA) expect me to just suck it up? Here's a news flash for you. Games are supposed to be fun. When they stop being fun, they aren't games anymore, they're jobs or chores. This game has turned into a chore. I don't want to continue to pay to do chores. I should be getting PAID to do them.

I'm not even a hardcore raider, but I lead the raids for our guild. I can't put up with this. My guild is pissed because I haven't bothered to log in to raid because I can't afford it anymore. This is rediculous.

I don't care what repair costs were for other people, that's none of my business. My repair costs have now exceeded what I typically farm in a week. The game is no longer enjoyable, or playable for me. I'm not going to log in until this is fixed. I have no reason to. If I want to do chores all day for no return, I'll go clean my son's room.

Sorry for the rant, but that's my two cents. I'm just upset, because I've really enjoyed playing this game until now, and I just can't enjoy it anymore. It's not fun to be broke and unable to do anything about it. I don't want to unsub, like so many people keep saying that they want to do, but I may not be able to afford this game for much longer, hence the long post. I want my point to be taken seriously, that's all. I WANT THIS GAME TO BE ALL THAT IT CAN BE AND MORE!! I'm a pro, not a con! I love this game and want to see it succeed! Please help us out!
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