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I think this is more of a mindset issue, if you think anything other than a raid is a grind then you will hate any obstacle to doing a raid, if you play to have fun and enjoy yourself, then you will not care about a little extra incentive to avoid death.

This is more of a mindset issue. One of the most common things I'm seeing in this thread is the "It's a game. I should be able to do only the 'fun' stuff. I refuse to do anything I see as 'work'." That is a mindset. More specifically, that is an entitled mindset. If a player is just sitting in fleet doing nothing but talking in general chat while waiting for an LFG to pop, when he could be out doing a few dailies while waiting, is that player "a casual player with no time to do grind dailies" or is that player an "entitled player who has time to earn a few credits but refuses to do so"?

A few posts back, there was a poster who said he waited 1.5 hours for an HM FP to pop. What did he do doing that 1.5 hours? I don't know. He didn't say. I would not be surprised to find out he sat on the fleet typing in chat. I'm not saying that he did sit on fleet, only that I would not be surprised if he did. I do know that in that 1.5 hours, he could have completed at least 2 planets worth of dailies and earned well over 100k, probably closer to 200k. He didn't have to give up a night of raiding, or even a day of HM FP's. All he would have been doing is using the time he was already waiting to earn a few credits.

There are plenty of casual players who have limited time who are able to find the means to be able to afford these new higher repair costs. That does not make them hardore, or no-lifers.

That said, EA/BW does need to fix the bug that is causing repair costs to be based on the value of the shell.