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02.19.2013 , 08:50 AM | #1076
There is two things you don't mess with in this world .

1) A man's woman
2) A man's wallet

I see constantly since EA was voted the worst business in America there executives constantly trying to spin it and wondering why they got that designation . Yet time and time again they do things over and over to piss off there paying customers . I stopped buying EA sports games 10 years ago and I used to buy them all , I stopped buying any title that was published by EA 6 years ago . They dissolved one of my favorite video game companies Origin ( Maker of the Wing Commander Series ) and used its name for there piss poor steam look alike . Then they bought out one of my favorite video game companies of all time Bioware and there games have been subpar ever since .

I made an exception because I loved mmos , and I loved Knights of the Old Republic . I have been here since the first wave of Early Access , a collectors edition adopter . I have had alot of fun with this game but this change is unacceptable . When I have to work for EA running dailies to enjoy the fun aspect of there game ( raiding ) is when its time to hang it up . You already get my $15 a month your not gonna get all my time working for you doing montonous things .

When the best thing you have to offer your playerbase is new dailies , you have FAILED as a game designer .

This was the last straw .
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