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Alright, so I think I deciphered that. I should buy targeter or trapper bh gear, which gives more cunning? I haven't ever done this before so I'm finding stuff out each time I play.
1) Replace any patron barrels or armorings you have with skill barrels and armrorings.

2) Replace your lettered mods (Keen and Artful A/B) with non-lettered mods (plain old keen and artful).

3) Use the following enhancements for the listed stats: Adept for power and surge, Initiative for power and accuracy, Battle for crit and surge, Acute for crit and accuracy.

4) Save up your daily commendations and upgrade your campaign relic to a dread guard relic. You'll drop some endurance but gain lots of power.

5) Replace your rakata implant and earpiece with black hole.

Once you've done this and augmented one or two pieces you should be ready for HM EC, given all of your gear is at least rakata. The link to my gunslinger's gear is below, and I'm not saying that you should take that as the definitive guide on how to gear your sniper but I've min-maxed my gear appropriately.
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