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Alright, but without the companions, even your Revan would have been toast.
Are you referring to Calo Nord and Darth Bandon? And all those Sith who were like 'Darth Malak is most displeased that you escaped Taris alive...blah blah blah' I'm not sure I'd call them assassination attempts, just battles Revan happened to be outmatched in (although that is sort a hypothetical statement, we only assume that based on game mechanics.)

Either way I think the element of surprise depends less on the knowledge of the 'art of assassination' and more on the skills of the assassin, and the circumstances in which in happens...

EDIT: Mind you, when it comes to assassination, Revan is something of an expert - e.g. HK-47, Sith assassins etc. he used assassination extensively during the Jedi Civil War. But Xizor is no stranger to assassination protocols either

EDIT 2: But anyway, enough debate - I think its time to call this.