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I would appear that you do not enjoy the game, if you want a challenge and something fun to do, get an group together and all wear full Green LVL50 gear and do a few Heroics! It will be fun and probably more challenging than an OP in your full 63 gear.
And at the end of it you can sell the gear to a vendor instead of repairing.

Anything you do in life is what you make of it, they won't as you say produce content as quick as you would like so you have to make as much of what you do have. Only you can make things fun for yourself, if you don't try then no one else is to blame.

For the record I still do not think the repair bills are too high. I admit I would love there not to be any repair bills and I'd like it if it gave me a full set of Dread armour when I hit LVL 50, but at that point I have no incentive to do anything!
Maybe you want to go make your own challenges yes ...
i want my old repair cost that has been proven and tested !

Not some new garbage challenge , when you hit level 50 and worked your way to dread armour !
then you can speak , if not then play your own green repair challenge first .

A mmo is about upgrades seeing time spent worthwhile , increase in power not decrease in power !
Same thing applies to funds , sure some repair cost are in order, but not the steep one that is currently in place .
And defietly not the bugged shell cost , that forces people to find the cheapest shell and put mods in them !
loses again that unique indentity .

now if you cared to do research instead of talking out of your own head !
then you would have understand by now that not all repair cost are equal !
And like everything else everybody repair cost should be equal !
Not based on what shell that coders have no idea about and lied to us .

So revert to the old repair cost that was equal for all, and start programming new repair cost that is equal to all !

now done talking with people , who have no clue of the game they are playing !
but write nice stuff without meaning . Basically crap as usual