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Good mindset and fun and teaching others the ropes of a game should be punished ?
With higher repair cost ? Are you machoist ?

Yeah right I play mmo to interact with others , not to grind away on boring dailies ... Once Gree etc stuff polish runs out ... It is the same old story again .
Since modernday consumer eats up content faster then developers can deliver ..

What good is a mmo when there are less people around to do your stuff with ?
Wait EA run policy under 500k sub , we are thinking of shutting down !

So all you say is behelpfull get punished by higher repair cost , be selfishe play the GTN without interaction !
hurray get rewarded with fast cash , no way people are running 3 hour instance .

Now if you love star wars , then you want more people playing not less .
Repair cost and daily grind get people bored the fastest way off a mmo .
I would appear that you do not enjoy the game, if you want a challenge and something fun to do, get an group together and all wear full Green LVL50 gear and do a few Heroics! It will be fun and probably more challenging than an OP in your full 63 gear.
And at the end of it you can sell the gear to a vendor instead of repairing.

Anything you do in life is what you make of it, they won't as you say produce content as quick as you would like so you have to make as much of what you do have. Only you can make things fun for yourself, if you don't try then no one else is to blame.

For the record I still do not think the repair bills are too high. I admit I would love there not to be any repair bills and I'd like it if it gave me a full set of Dread armour when I hit LVL 50, but at that point I have no incentive to do anything!