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The game is Fun, I fail to see the difference between running the same OP everyday to Running a few Heroics everyday, if you are so OP maybe if you helped a few of your gaming friends in these Heroics you might have a some Creds and you never know you might enjoy the experience.

I personally don't believe things should be easy, without a penalty there is no risk, so no incentive to learn tactics understand team work. It just turns into I hope we get it right this time I'm bored of running backwards and forwards.

I often do pug groups and will patiently explain Boss Mechanics to others and endure the wipes that happen, I never have many Creds I think my Healer has 300k at present. When I run out of creds I'll go find a some people to do some Heroics on the dailes, once in a group it doesn't take much to convince the group to run through all the other Heroic Dailies. I find this content fun, it's different from the OPs which are more intense agreed, but they are still fun, I don't consider this a grind!

I think this is more of a mindset issue, if you think anything other than a raid is a grind then you will hate any obstacle to doing a raid, if you play to have fun and enjoy yourself, then you will not care about a little extra incentive to avoid death.

Yes, I'm a huge Star Wars Fan, I love running around swinging a light saber, paying for dying is not going to stop me doing this
Good mindset and fun and teaching others the ropes of a game should be punished ?
With higher repair cost ? Are you machoist ?

Yeah right I play mmo to interact with others , not to grind away on boring dailies ... Once Gree etc stuff polish runs out ... It is the same old story again .
Since modernday consumer eats up content faster then developers can deliver ..

What good is a mmo when there are less people around to do your stuff with ?
Wait EA run policy under 500k sub , we are thinking of shutting down !

So all you say is behelpfull get punished by higher repair cost , be selfishe play the GTN without interaction !
hurray get rewarded with fast cash , no way people are running 3 hour instance .

Now if you love star wars , then you want more people playing not less .
Repair cost and daily grind get people bored the fastest way off a mmo .