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Quote: Originally Posted by Drake_Hound View Post
GO play that then go back to MMO with 20k people stop turning modern day consumer market into small fish fries .
Yeah you understand big amount of money invested is not for you to play small time MMO .

Be up to date, adapt to the casual market or see this game disappear in 2 years time !
That is the enterprise way .

Any more EQ comparison the other way please !(Okay, you'll have to clarify that sentence)
EQ and EQ2 actually have about 200k players combined, so I don't know where you pulled that number from.

I take issue with you calling SWTOR "grind city' because compared to many of it's competitors it's relatively grind free. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you've never played UO, EQ, EQ2, Linage, Lineage 2.

Heck even GW2 has a grind (farming Explorable's for vanity gear tokens).

You're looking at the issue the wrong way.

It's not a grind, it's a penalty (I do not support the penalty).

Now I will argue that SWTOR isn't grindy until the cows come home because aside from Valour 100 or Legacy 50 I can't think of anything I would call a "grind."

Grind city? If you're F2P then yes, if you're subbed heck no.
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