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You do not know what a grind is my friend. EQ was a grind. FFXI is a grind. You have no idea how much easier SWTOR is in comparison. Tell you what, level to 75 in FFXI and then tell me SWTOR is a grind m'kay?
SWTOR might be easier in comparison to other games, but it doesn't mean that grinding dailies is suddenly not a grind anymore. the whole attractiveness of SWTOR was in it not being grindy.. so we're making it more grindy... why exactly?

cooking example. i can make fluffy smooth cupcake frosting from scratch, by beating it with a fork. i used to do it that way, prior to getting a standup mixer. it took much longer and my wrist would be killing me by the time I was done, but frosting was delicious and it really was my only option if I wanted the taste. but as soon as I could - I got a standup mixer and now I just throw all ingredients into a bowl, press on button and walk away while it does the work for me. same taste, less effort. I still need to know which ingredients to use in what proportion, all it did was remove the manual labor.

suddenly I'm told I can no longer just dump ingredients into a bowl, I was having it too easy or something. I have to mix them with a little cheap handheld mixer instead, that is not nearly as powerful and that I cannot just turn on and do something else while it works, because I have to hold it in my hands, hold the bowl and swirl it around to make sure I get everything stirred properly. I mean sure - its still easier and faster then mixing frosting with a fork. but its also STILL unnecessary effort that has no point. it doesn't make the frosting taste any better. all it does is waste extra time I could have used to slice some fruit etc. not as much as doing it with a fork, but certainly more then letting the mixer work for me.

just because something else was even worse, doesn't make current situation somehow good. all it does is show that yeah, could be worse. but its still NOT good or fun.