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02.19.2013 , 05:18 AM | #1062
I would just like to say two things kill me cost wise. Repairs, and moving my mods around. Custom gear was one of the BEST things swtor ever did. Lets me get a cool look I want. The cost of moving 58 or above mods around, that are purple, is insane. I recently leveled a second trooper to 50, and all the reasons why I hate leveling alts in this game came right back. At end game too many missions are filled with elites and pair up multiple strong npcs right next to each other. The result is allot of deaths. The result after that is enormous cost via repairs. Example the Illum quests crystal ball. Has you going into caves, that SHOULD be marked heroics. The first cave every strong npc spawns a add npc. I thought that was for bosses only lol. Result Didn't see it coming resulted in deaths. Then I got to the middle of the cave 2 strongs side by side with one regular npc, and a strong that spawns another npc. I just decided to run through it get the objective and get out at that point. It was not worth the frustration. Second cave I went into filled with elites, had to do the same thing again. Result lots of incaps. Repair cost 13k. This was not even a flash point or a ops. I do not want to imagine what the cost would be with 61 mods.