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02.19.2013 , 04:53 AM | #1058
Quote: Originally Posted by Zipacnaa
Wow. I mean just .. Wow.

I cannot believe those that defend this price increase. Pointing out that something was worse 10 months ago does not mean it's ok for them to "fix" the repair costs now. The game had finally caught momentum again, then this...

I think you are missing the point, the price of repairs was higher back then, but it did not stop us raiding. We still had wipes.
The Price had gone down as well, but even when the price was at it's highest, we still raided.
We even had worse gear back then so had more chance of a wipe!

I'm also a casual player, only on for a few hours a week. I enjoy the social aspect of the game and the raids and a little bit of PVP, but I still seem to have enough to cover my wipe expenses.

I've had 6 deaths this week I've not bothered keeping track of the cost. If I can't repair one day I'll go do something that gets me cash to repair, simple as.

The cost of repairs being quoted in this thread do not appear excessive to me, there should always be a penalty to a wipe or there is no danger involved in going into an OP or FP!