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To all the complainers,

You guys have yet again impressed me with you're stupidity. Have any one of you actually played the game at launch? Are you even paid subs?
I find this stance rather arrogant. I think it is counterproductive to dismiss these complaints as petty and entitled. Even less productive are attacks on our intellect. I have a lot of respect for BW and I think they made a quality game. But the type of game-play it is demanding (more so with this change) is not fun for me. That's not your problem, and maybe no one cares. That's perfectly fine. Heck maybe I am just not playing the game "correctly". But my time is valuable to me, so if it stops being enjoyable, why pay to do it?

I can't vouch for anybody's numbers here, but it is clear that they find the game less enjoyable now. I personally saw my repair bill increase from around 5k after three deaths to over 30k. But the exact numbers don't really matter. What does is the game now demands more of an activity that I do not find to be fun at all (personally)- credit grinding.

I did not play the game at launch. But what does that matter? I never even played another mmo. But again, not important. I steered clear of them because they weren't interesting to me. But, trying swtor and despite myself, I actually had fun. I am a first-time subscriber- currently have a thirty something sentinel. In a couple weeks, I probably won't be- but we'll see. What matters is I find myself enjoying the game less. I don't even really want to make a statement, except explain myself and my reasons for (perhaps) not renewing a subscription.