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Huttball starts. Tank sin takes the ball and scores and pops phase walk. Tank sin gets the ball back, jumps into the pit, phase walks and scores. Rise, repeat, GG.

Voidstar. Inquisitor places Phase walk on one door, and heads over to the other. Uses phase walk when incs are called. GG

Civil War. Same as Voidstar, but a little less useful.

Novare Coast. Same as Voidstar, but a little less useful, considering the space between the two, you'd have to place it and run a bit before you TP.

Hypergate. Place it at pylon and at mid. Run orbs fast and respond to incs.

GG any team with multiple inquisitors.
60 meters, the total length of teh ability, makes not the field or half the field of hutball.

60 meters, dble a normal skill range....short indeed.