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idk, i dont see the need for an assassin to have a pre set up teleport,

i thought they were getting a shadowstep type ability, not that assassins have mobility issues
Maybe if you TANKED a few hard or nightmare mode 16 mans you would understand.

An example, firebrand tank battle, two otehr tanks force leap to get back into comabt....assassin ..force speed if its up and then jump..jump..ohh ok almsot ther enow reposition and hope u didnt lose agro and raid wipe or turn turret wrong..

Assassins long ago in closed beta had a force leap, back when you could walk with channeled spells.

It is the clsoest thing to a force leap without the leap. More for pve boss's than anything.

Sure any skill you can use in pvp, well enarly any. So this will have some useses but pve a leap/boss clsoer was needed for a reasonable number of boss's. Add to the fact that more end game content comming, who knows how many more boss's we will need to leap to and not have a leap.